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We are pleased to announce that starting with the March 2020 certification testing period,  the AAHAM CRCE, CRCP and CRCS certifications will no longer have separate exam versions for Institutional (I) and Professional (P).  In recent years there has been a shift toward the professional and institutional departments working closer together in a centralized business environment within the revenue cycle. AAHAM strives to lead the way with forward thinking initiatives and a higher standard for those members seeking certification. The combined certification format benefits our examinees as they will be tested on both the Professional and Institutional sides of the industry in an effort to provide the most comprehensive certification possible on all aspects of the revenue cycle. This in turn will broaden their knowledge while making them more valuable to their employers and colleagues as well as more marketable to those looking to seek employment in any number of healthcare settings. The 2020 CRCS, CRCP and CRCE study manuals have been updated to reflect the new exam format as well with clear study instructions for the examinees. The CCT and CRIP certifications are unaffected by this change as they don’t have a separate I or P distinction.


How does this affect currently certified individuals?

Effective January 1st 2020, if you have already earned a dual certification you may continue to use the distinction of CRCS-I, P; CRCP-I, P; CRCE-I, P to set yourself apart, if you so choose. If you have two different certification expiration dates for a dual certification, the latest date will be used as your single expiration date going forward.

Any newly certified individual will be given a CRCS, CRCP or CRCE designation as well as anyone who held a non-dual certification distinction prior to this change as a method of grandfathering in the existing population. No additional testing will be required for already CRCS, CRCP, or CRCE certified individuals.

We are excited to roll out the combined certification format starting in 2020 and welcome any questions you may have.


Lori M. Sickelbaugh, CRCE

National First Vice President


Matthew Hundley

Certification Director