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UPDATES FROM PAUL MILLER of Miller, Wenhold, Capitol, Strategies, LLC 3/23/2020

Please see below and attached the update from Paul Miller. 

We will do our best to keep our membership up to date on what is happening in Congress.

I wanted to give you a quick update you may want to send to your members.  Things are moving at warp speed here trying to get money out to people.  Congress has passed two phases, mainly focused on federal agencies preparedness and employer/employee benefits.  I’ve attached that for you.

We are now debating phase 3, which is going to be around $1 trillion and focused on checks to families and loans to business.  I am attaching the Senate Republican package that was released last night.  The Democrats are expected to issue a plan as well.  The top leaders from House and Senate will sit down today to start hashing out details.  The process is different today than during any other crisis. In the past, we sat down immediately and worked on a bi-partisan plan. Today each side needs their own plan they can claim victory with for their voters.  (If I’m being honest, what we passed already is a political tool that does little to provide the real help people need).

I’ve attached what the Senate Republican plan means for the healthcare industry.  Again, this is not set in stone.  I want to also be clear that Phase 3 will not be the end of the needed stimulus.  Hospitals will likely be the main focus of Phase 4 once the virus hits its peak and they know exactly what they need long-term.  I know hospitals have already said they need at least $100 billion to help.  I suspect that number will go up significantly in coming weeks.

This is a fast moving train changing by the hour (literally).  I will continue to provide updates as I know them.  I will tell you what is being proposed by some will have a shuttering impact on your collections members.  Nevada for example has stopped all collection services temporarily.  Your members will be a target going forward, so if this is a big issue for you, I’d suggest talking to them and asking what they want and need during this time (that can look practical and soft for patient you need to collect from).

Happy to talk with anyone who has questions. I have a call with the WH at 3 pm and will know more then I hope.

Phase 1 and 2 do have healthcare provisions you will want to see.  Proposed Phase 3 has additional.  See attached.

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